Randy Crouch: Survival of the Fiddlist

Beth & Randy in NYC, 2011

“Randy Crouch doesn’t play music, Randy Crouch IS music.” 

These words spoken by John Cooper of the Red Dirt Rangers rings so true. I am filmmaker Beth Turner, a follower of Randy Crouch music for nearly four decades. It was the 90’s and he was playing it hot at a happy hour in Fayetteville, and I’ve been showing up for a Randy Crouch show ever since. In fact, life even connected us in New York City as he toured with Jason Boland and I premiered my short film, “This is Sequoyah’s House”  at the United Nations’ International Cinema Education. 

In 2016, my passion for Randy Crouch and storytelling joined forces thanks to the vision and faith of his wife and partner Liz and his friend Chris Reed making sure the two of us connected. Thank you. 

This film has amassed hundreds of hours of footage, old and new; interviews, concert recordings, countless photos and concert posters, hand-written songs and more. 

Truly, the hardest part of this process is knowing when to put down the camera to edit. The friends and fans of Randy and Liz are immeasurable, each with their own wild story of this hillbilly rebel….including stories from his parents, Lee and Ruth Crouch. 

Thank you to the hard work and dedication of Randy Crouch friends, fans and professionals across state lines and throughout the decades providing footage to this film. The music community makes this project is strong and this film rich with intrigue and interest. 

Storyteller Productions launched in 2018 specifically for this film, and has since grown into a full-scale production company serving local businesses, events and families in the Oklahoma/Arkansas areas. See samples of this work at StorytellerProductionsLLC.com