Randy Crouch: Survival of the Fiddlist

Who We Are

Bryan & Beth working a festival

We are Beth Turner and Bryan Cantrell, co-owners of Storyteller Productions and partners in life. In 2011, we were in New York City for a screening of one of Beth’s short documentaries, This is Sequoyah’s House, when jambase.com informed us that Randy Crouch, who was on tour with Jason Boland and the Stragglers, was in the Big Apple as well.

It was a barbeque joint in SoHo, and when Randy saw us, his face lit up like we were old friends, despite the fact that the extent of our interaction to that point had been the occasional, “great show, Randy!” as he made his way off stage at one of his Tulsa gigs.

Beth & Randy in NYC, 2011
We talked for a few minutes and it became obvious to us that this was a serendipitous meeting. This was the universe telling us what our next project should be.

How We Got Here
For five years, our full-time jobs got in the way of our plan to tell Randy’s story, but in July 2016, we saw Randy and Liz at one of Randy’s Sunday afternoon shows at The Hunt Club and decided to take a shot.

Beth struck up a conversation with Liz, who was cautiously receptive to the idea. It took a few more phone calls to convince Randy and Liz that we were serious, but in September 2016, Randy called and asked us to record an interview with his parents.

Since that interview with Ruth and Lee Crouch, we’ve been on the trail; gathering footage, interviews, photos and memorabilia covering Randy’s unique path through life.

How Far We’ve Come
Beth Randy and Bryan at the 2019 Earth Day celebration at Guthrie Green
We have amassed more than 100 hours of footage, old and new; more than 50 interviews with musicians, friends and family members; concert recordings covering three decades; countless photos, concert posters, hand-written song books, and other Randy Crouch memorabilia.

We’re All In the Same Band
Although Storyteller Productions is a two-person band, we are fortunate to have talented friends like Todd Ruffin at Midwest Drone Productions, Trey Marley, Dan Agent, Michael Paine, Brad and Shirley Adams, Mark Lyon, Adam Brimer, Chris Reed and others who have donated footage, memorabilia, time and expertise to this project. Without their skill and generosity, we wouldn’t have made it this far.

Storyteller Productions
We launched Storyteller Productions in 2018, and the majority of our time has been spent on Randy Crouch: Survival of the Fiddlist, but we’ve had a few jobs of smaller scale that we take just as much pride in. You can see samples of our work here.